Handicapped Boar Hunts

We at High Adventure Ranch understand that many Wild Boar hunters both older and/or handicapped or disabled can no longer ride horseback, walk over or climb very rugged terrain, or handle the high altitude in the Mountains. That is why High Adventure Ranch is the place for you!

Based on your needs, our guides will cater to make your Wild Boar hunt as challenging and successful as possible in the field. With 95% of our ranch being heavily wooded it assists the guide in helping you get a shot within 100 to 125 yards of a Wild Hog. We also have many miles of road around the ranch that help present many great opportunities to bag that Trophy Boar or Sow for meat.

Back at camp we have accommodations either in the Lodge with a tub or Cabin with a Walk in shower, both having a ramp for easy access.

High Adventure Ranch believes that everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the outdoors!

Boar up to 300 lbs are hunted from December thru the end of August. Record Book Russian Boar over 300 lbs are hunted year round.