Russian Wild Boar Hunts

The Russian Wild Boar is native to both Europe and Asia, but for purposes of sport hunting, they have been introduced in North, Central, and South America. Hunting Wild Boar is very challenging because despite its poor eyesight, it possesses keen senses of smelling and hearing and is a very muscular animal that relies on its quickness and wits to elude hunters.

Russian Wild Boar HuntsBoars use their sharp tusks to search out food by uprooting everything from tubers and roots to small animals and snakes. These mighty tusks can literally bulldoze through an area of ground and are fierce weapons that sometimes reach five inches in length.

The Russian Boar is built like a SHERMAN TANK so you will want to bring the biggest caliber rifle or pistol you have. Bow hunters will need plenty of arrows. These Wild Boars have a very thick hide and are extremely robust. They can be killed clean if hit in the proper areas, but it can be very elusive.

We recommend targeting the lung area of the Boar as the shoulder areas are armor plated and will probably just wound the animal to die many days later.

Russian Boar up to 300 lbs. are hunted from November through the end of August.

Russian Wild Boar Hunting in Missouri  Russian Wild Boar Hunt at High Adventure Ranch